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Lockdown Love Series: Love Letters of Yolanda and Frankie

De-Bug is proud to launch "Lockdown Love," a series of reflections by those impacted by the walls of incarceration -- our loved ones inside and the families who love them. "Lockdown love" comes fr...

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Participatory Defense

As incarceration rates balloon to astronomical levels – 1 out of 100 Americans are currently locked up — participatory defense may be the most accessible way directly affected communities can challenge mass incarceration and have the movement building be dynamic of seeing timely and locally relevant results of their efforts.

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De-Bug San Jose

In the various spaces our De-Bug community operates in, we see exciting and urgently needed campaigns that emerged in criminal justice reform, economic justice, housing, and immigrant rights for San Jose in 2016.

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SV De-Bug offers different tools for communities to utilize both in organizing efforts as well as in the classroom. From magazines, books, workshops, and video training.

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De-Bug The System

Silicon Valley De-Bug is a media, community organizing, and entrepreneural collective based out of San Jose, California
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