A Tale Of Three Cities

Layover Lessons

Editor's Note:

Khalilah Ramirez is a performance artist and author known as "The Peace Dancer" in San Jose, CA. It is her personal mission to spread joy, love and peace with her dance. Learn what she's been up through her column This Week in Peace.

Greetings to all who are reading! This Week In Peace is on a mission to be a beacon of light. One technique for that, a personal favorite, is to share our experiences of spreading light with each other. Notice that it's not "creating" light that we're referring to. It's spreading light. Light is the natural energy that comprises everything, including human beings. Our job is to activate the light that we already have, that we already are. You know that person who simply lights up a room? That's us.

This year in October, the Dance of Peace had the privilege of traveling to multiple cities. Always having music and dance in tow, why not make time waiting at the airport count? Airport time is restless time. Tension fills the air while everyone hides inside their phones. A Dance of Peace would raise the vibration to the awesome level of joy. 

My first stop on the airport tour was San Francisco International. SFO recently remodeled an entire wing to honor the memory of the visionary mayor, Harvey Milk. This gave the impression that it was acceptable to do unusual things here. I grabbed a compact hand painted sign from my suitcase to let everyone know what was happening and why. People looked up from their beers and burgers. Some watched in fixed awe. Others looked around nervously like, "Isn't security going to do something?" The answer is no, folks. Security will do nothing. I fully endorse this airport for all traveling artists who seek a captive audience. Later, an airport worker who saw the entire dance offered to shine my shoes for half price. Deal!

My next stop was MYS in New Orleans. Louisiana is where I was born and lived until age 9, so I knew that in some ways, it wasn't as visionary a place as San Francisco. Perhaps the unusual isn't as acceptable here? No matter, I thought. The purpose is peace, something that is appropriate anywhere. The dance began with the rousing Ray Charles song, "I Got A Woman." There was no response at all. I switched from down home rock & roll to classical music. Still nothing. A young man came near, wanting to join the dance. When I explained the part about radiating light, he looked confused and quickly walked away. I was amused. I took solace in the fact that the dance has the express purpose of fostering peace, not collecting the highest number of accolades. 

At the end of the week, I landed back in San Jose. I was excited to explore the airport in my own city. I found a piano in the arrivals area and launched the dance there. Wow. Nothing like coming home to make you appreciate where you've been. People were energized by the dance, clapping and waving. A girl passed by holding her mother's hand, clearly singing along with every word of the music. A man in black glasses came over smiling broadly, "Are you the one who danced over on San Carlos all those years ago? I can't wait to tell my sons that you're still at it!" 

The lesson here: Do the thing you love! It will love you back. It will come to life, continuing in unseen ways. The thing you love is infused with your unique life force. It had the ability to blossom in every direction. Consider this as you create, the immense power of the thing you love to rise up and live in the hearts of people with no additional help needed. Pondering this can help us to contribute in ways that are purposeful and courageous. Do something you love today & give it away! Thanks and see you out there!

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