Aider and Abettor: A Podcast with Sajid Khan and Avi Singh

Editor's Note:

Two San Jose public defenders and podcast addicts discuss criminal law and pop culture. On their 6th episode of their podcast, they discuss #raisetheage, a ongoing campaign for awareness to push the age of criminal responsibility in New York older than the current age of 16 years and their perspective as legal defenders of juveniles sentenced as adults in California.

In Episode 6 of Aider & Abettor,  Sajid and Avi get into a New York State of Mind. In the Opening Statement, they discuss the campaign to #raisetheage. The talk about the problems of treating 16 year olds as adults in the criminal justice system.

In the Deep Dive, they discuss a recent proposal to close Rikers Island. They explore many of the ways that Rikers violates basic notions of due process and fairness. You can find the proposal at

In the Things segment, Sajid pushes the MVP candidacy of Steph Curry and recommends a the Ex-Conversations Podcast. Avi criticizes a Department of Justice memo that attempts to distance the Department of Justice from the business of responding to systemic civil rights violations.

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