Face to Face with ICE: I Was Not Alone, I Was Prepared

Editor's Note:

We can kick ICE out of our county through policies that keep local law enforcement from doing ICE's work, but creating a community support system makes it so that people can stand up to ICE when they show up at their door. Hear Raquel share her encounter with ICE and how she protected her family.

In Santa Clara County we have the strongest policy in the country that says local law enforcement cannot cooperate with ICE. Yet, everyday our neighbors still fear ICE will show up to our door or workplace. San José resident Raquel came face to face with this reality when ICE showed up to her home pretending to be probation officers. Because she had community support, she felt empowered to resist and endure the 4 hours to deny ICE from entering her home and taking her brother. When individuals feel supported they can stand up to anything, even ICE!

Listen to Raquel tell the story of that life changing encounter.

For information on what to do in the First 24 hours of a loved one being detained in Northern California: TheFirst24.org/Immigration

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