When One Door Closes, Others Open

Editor's Note:

Khalilah Ramirez is an author, educator and performance artist known as The Peace Dancer. Her performance art, the Dance of Peace, is designed to radiate light, joy and peace to all who see it. This mission is based on the awareness that every person is important, innately holding light inside them that assists in the illumination of our world.

Welcome to Autumn 2019! As the year draws to a close, it's an excellent time to be reflective about how we've lived this year. Looking back, what felt right? What victories were achieved, what lessons learned? Can we turn those lessons into insightful wisdom? Has the same lesson presented itself repeatedly for no apparent reason? Is joy an option now, or is it still hiding around some unknown corner in an unseen future? Ponder any of the above while your humble narrator tells this week's story:

On September 11th, my stint in the corporate world came to an abrupt end. My manager informed me that I would "no longer be on assignment with the company," that I could go home now, and that the Human Resources department would be in touch. It was almost exciting to be discreetly escorted out of the building. This was my first experience of being let go. It felt like getting a peek into some new, secret side of life. The end of this assignment was not a surprise. My role as a Business Process Coordinator felt to me like being given a prestigious position on the calculus team while really belonging on the track team. After nine months, the "end of the assignment" (aka getting fired) felt a bit like getting out of jail. I imagined myself dancing during the day instead of typing business documents and watching mandatory CNN on 14 different monitors around the office. I could prioritize my own time again. I could see my friends! But wait - how exactly am I going to pay rent?

"Time to get creative," was my next thought. At least that is something I actually feel I'm good at. I'm sharing my findings here with a sense that anyone and everyone could use a few hustle hacks during this time of transition:

1) Partner with Local Businesses: This is a great first step to creative earning! I visited a few businesses in my neighborhood and proposed times to entertain and enlighten patrons with Dance of Peace performances. In exchange, more customers would be drawn into the business, tipping more, spending more and staying longer. I do my performance art, advertise classes and busk. The best way to be successful yourself is to contribute to the success of others. Countless authorities on the subject of success have confirmed this. We rise higher when we rise together!

2) Use what you have: Resourcefulness is the low-hanging fruit of earning money in a pinch. Got a car? Download any driving or delivery app and begin. Got clothes you don't wear? Release them joyfully to the highest bidder. Are you crafty or handy? Start a little business using your social media accounts. In my case, I suddenly had tons of extra time lying around. I used it to act as a substitute teacher at local yoga studios. We all have useful skills to share and the right person will happily pay to employ them.

3) Harness what you know: Robert Kiyosaki, author of the award winning personal finance book, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" had this to say about money, "Money doesn't solve problems. Intelligence solves problems." Scan your current knowledge. Let your imagination run wild! Can you host a donation-based event at your home? Can you help individuals or organizations solve their problems? Are you born to work with animals or children? Let what you enjoy doing and what you naturally excel at guide you even more so than the need to make money. There can be no failure for the one that combines intelligence with action, only success and more lessons to grow from.

The Dance of Peace is only one of unlimited ways to make a positive contribution that improves our environment and the lives of others. Leveraging our relationships, our skill set and our unique passions brings us closer together while creating a richer, more functional society. Thanks and see you out there!

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