Harnessing Enchantment Through the Dance of Peace

Editor's Note:

This Week in Peace chronicles the exciting adventures of San Jose’s own Dancer of Peace, Khalilah Ramirez. Written under divine inspiration, the column contains true stories of peace encounters in your neighborhood. This week, she welcomes us to summer and encourages to follow our dreams on the daily.

Greetings to all who are reading! This Week In Peace always holds the energy of play and adventure! It is a column all about us: The unbridled dances of peace in our streets and spirits being lifted in the blink of eye; natural and supernatural magic that brings light into the dark corners of the soul. The dance is an energetic work that seeks to engage people. Since that is a large part of how it contributes to our community, it naturally happens daily. It is a privilege to help foster peace and joy, and to report it in a way that can reach the hearts of others!

Welcome to Summer 2017! As I write this, it is the very first day of the season. No plans? Now is the perfect time to draft some. There is no need to take expensive vacations to enjoy the bounty of summer. All that is needed is the spirit of adventure and a tentative plan of specific desires. Can't escape to Europe or tropical islands? Remember that people come from across the globe to visit Santa Cruz and San Franciso. Both of these beach-filled, iconic cities are but a stone's throw away offering cooler temperatures, fresh experiences and connections with new people. Summer is all about breaking the routines of school and work in favor of fostering love and play in our world. Sidenote: There are millions of people in the US (millions!) who have never visited the ocean in their lifetime. Take one of these folks with you if you can. Let's enjoy this prime location that we are gifted with!

The Dance of Peace strives to be a part of the enchantment contained within each day. Harnessing enchantment is something that anyone can do. What is your cherished desire? This question is worth a few moments of our attention. Changes can easily be made in our daily lives to bring it into alignment with our dreams. For instance, The Dance of Peace was launched at the Campbell Farmer's Market as it normally is on Sundays. This Sunday was particularly warm, the air was still. Keeping the body temperature down on days like this is a priority so the performance moved to a new location in the market to maximize the shade. It was also Father's Day, making it a golden opportunity for family time. It was glorious to find that market performances had widely expanded. There were numerous street performers present! There was a punk rock guitar girl, a sharply dressed man playing the violin, a man making crowns and animals out of balloons as well as someone singing the blues. Could summer be your time to break out an eclectic street performance? It emboldens others to explore their gifts. It is a grassroots way to increase personal income. It can add love to the world simply by existing and it gives others an opportunity to contribute as they engage. It's amusing, daring and fosters personal growth. Imagine it!

Initially, there didn't seem to be many people afoot but as soon as the Dance of Peace commenced, people began to venture out from indoors. People eating in restaurants came out to say hello. Fathers introduced their children and grandchildren. It was a gift to see people smile, clap, snap pictures and stand stock still while observing the dance. My personal dream of connecting people came true. It was all due to the "Boss," Bruce Springsteen.

Our journey began with "Dancing in the Dark." After this short song, it felt imperative to slow down the entire pace of dancing having been so pressed with exertion from the heat. Changing gears made all the difference in endurance.

It was time to bring the people along on a musical attempt to cool down. Whatever songs were slow, soothing, cooling and restorative were the ones to dance to. Music has the power to change mind and mood which makes it an important aspect of summer. When the song "I'm on Fire" was played, there was a full blown, spontaneous, public sing-along! Everyone seemed to know the words and chorus. At least six people could be seen and heard singing, whistling and humming along unselfconsciously, sharing a great deal of spirit. Spontaneous sing-along in public places has been my ongoing life dream of harmony since the eighth grade. It comes true periodically as it did on this day. Thank you to every one who lifted their voices!

Lastly, grab your local events page. There are numerous free/low cost events happening all over the Bay Area that need support. Enjoy yourself with family and friends this short season! Thanks and see you out there!

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