Podcast: Why Net Neutrality Matters

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Diane Solomon kicks off the SV De-Bug podcast with an interview with the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Ernesto Omar Falcon. Big cable and telephone companies want to take over the internet with pay to play access. Find out why it matters and what you can do to keep the internet free.

How would you like to pay $100 or more a month just to have the same quick access to internet sites that you already have?

Or even worse, what if accessing your favorite internet sites becomes much much slower because cable and telephone companies want you to prefer going to their sites?

In this edition of Silicon Valley DeBug’s podcast, we speak with the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Ernesto Omar Falcon during a live broadcast on Radio KKUP. He says the big cable and telephone companies are at it again!  They want to end net neutrality and take over the internet.

There is a new effort by cable and telephone companies to change the net so access will be pay to play which will wipe out the quick access speeds we have when we search on the internet.

July 12th is the Battle for the Net - a protest to defend internet freedom. This program is about this and the upcoming August 2017 actions by the FCC.

To learn more about net neutrality and to let the FCC know that you want net neutrality, please visit www.dearfcc.org and www.eff.org.

We thank the artists who provided the music for our program: Andrew Biggs, Jose Valle and Raza Del Soul.

Diane Solomon is a proud member of the Silicon Valley De-Bug Community. She produces and hosts a weekly public affairs program on Radio KKUP and writes for Content Magazine. She's a San José culture vulture who is seen at almost every urban art, free concert and spoken word event; she's a Willow Glen neighborhoodie, a San José Bike Partier, and she works full time for a Silicon Valley high tech company.

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By Tim Pierce from Berlin, MA, USA - Net Neutrality Vigil, CC BY 2.0,


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