VIDEO: Chester Bennington Needed "Someone To Talk To" Like Me

A Reflection On Depression, Self-Harm, and Suicide

Editor's Note:

In light of Chester Bennington's recent suicide, folks all over the world are highlighting the importance of mental health and not struggling alone. Cola, a longtime member of the De-Bug family, who we've seen evolve as an artist released this song about his own struggles.

Linkin Park's Chester Bennington’s death Fu**** me up. I’ve struggled with depression, self-harm and suicidal thoughts my whole life and he symbolized victory over those demons. I know that I’m in control of my thoughts, circumstances and overall happiness but I couldn’t be where I’m at now without help. 

I made this song/video as a reflection of my experience and my only hope is that somebody sees this video and realizes that they’re not alone in whatever they might be going through. If you’re reading this, I encourage you to listen twice as much as you speak, to randomly text somebody and tell them you love them and most importantly, never be afraid to ask for help. Just be or find someone to talk to.

If you or someone you know needs support:
Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK

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