The Peace Dancer Looks Back at the Eclipse

Editor's Note:

This Week in Peace chronicles the exciting adventures of San Jose’s own Dancer of Peace, Khalilah Ramirez. Written under divine inspiration, the column contains true stories of peace encounters in your neighborhood. In this edition, Khalilah describes how she traveled to Oregon to witness last month’s historic Eclipse and reminds us that if something this majestic and bizarre could happen, so could absolutely anything!

Greetings! Welcome to This Week In Peace. The Dance of Peace travelled north to Oregon to experience the solar eclipse in its path of totality. The environment was ripe for launching the Dance of Peace because everyone there was in solidarity. People were highly excited to see such a spectacular aspect of celestial phenomenon. The Dance adheres to nature by way of blossoming from within. It is designed to harmonize people as nature does.

It was dismaying to read posts online which attempted to make people afraid of the eclipse. They advised people to stay indoors. To wash any clothing touched by the light of the eclipse. Let's forgive those who try to spread fear born of ignorance. Nature does what it will, regardless of human thinking.

We as people assign meaning to things. Nature just is. It sets events in motion unapologetically. Humans are free to watch in awe or hide. Nature is neutral.

I was drawn there like a magnet. Being children of the sun, watching it change form is fascinating. As the light changed, the energy changed with it. There was extreme electricity in the air! Children ran laughing through the grass. They simulated flying by holding blankets high above their heads as they ran. They seemed elated to see this miracle of nature, where night magically visits day for a few minutes. One boy around age 10 yelled out, "This is like an awesome dream!" Indeed it was! The sun became a white, rainbow, silver star that filled the sky. It shined distinctly in four different directions. It morphed in size, shape and color at the pace of the hand the moves the cosmos.

The chosen soundtrack was Natalie Merchant's “Live in New York” version of the song “Space Oddity.” It is a classic dream-song about traveling to the stars. The energy was so intense that as I danced, I had no frame of reference for my own body in time and space. Many in attendance were unprepared for the sight of something so magnificent. The unparalleled light of the eclipse collided with the sudden blanket of night. The temperature dropped rapidly. A cool wind blew. The birds took shelter in the trees and quieted down. The Dance of Peace merged with all of this! It swayed and expanded as others joined in. People observed their environment with the energy of awe. Dancing is a natural way to step into the present moment. Being steeped in the energy of this rare event increased this effect! 

Afterward, I lay on the grass, literally feeling as though I had passed away. It was a lovely ending. Life felt complete. Awakening a few moments later, this sky light was still sparkling within. In this new life, the possibilities for change seemed endless. If something this majestic and bizarre could happen, so could absolutely anything!

Back home in San Jose with new gratitude, I  was just in time for the legendary San Jose Gay Pride Parade. What makes it legendary? The fact that it is filled with local families working hand in hand with organizations to create equality for us all. Besides seeing everyone dressed in rainbows, one of the best parts of the parade is the signs, shirts, handmade art and banners with written expressions on them. Among my favorites: "Homo Estas?"  "Love Is a Terrible Thing To Hate"  "Make America Gay Again" and "Real Eyes Realize Real Lies." People expressed themselves creatively from a place of personal truth and life experience. This is the best place to express from!

This is where the Dance of Peace comes in. It is a huge privilege to watch the dance grow. Close friends from SJPJC's weekly Dance of Peace class formed an official troupe and danced in the parade! It was healing to see people chanting and marching together. Hearing our united voices, seeing people demonstrate in the bright, beautiful August light while dancing in peace was resplendent. It restored some of the hope that had dissipated. It illuminated the darkness of feeling alone. Thank you to all of those who lent their efforts and their voices to make this an awesome event! Thanks and see you out there!

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