This Week In Peace

This week from the Dancer of Peace, venture out and open yourselves to the lessons of life

Greetings to all who are reading! This second week of July brings us everything we dream of in the form of weather that is perfect swimming, watching sunsets, camping and exploring the world outside our front door. This is where much of life's magic happens. The moment we venture out, we open ourselves to the learning lessons of life that match exactly where we are in our development. Each of us is seen, heard and deeply felt by life, even if we don't know it.

The Dance of Peace has prolific experience learning from life. Gaining knowledge and applying new skills is a vital aspect of what keeps our brains young and healthy. Perhaps there are circumstances and limitations keeping us indoors this season. No problem! Pick up a book of interest and dive right in. Books are a handy, exciting way to learn. They can instantly transport and inspire us. Books are magical because they change over time. We have all had the experience of reading a book once, gathering specific information then having that same book, in the future, contain new more relevant information. This feature makes books timeless and immortal. Let's commit to expanding our consciousness in this pure way! 

The other awesome, expedient way to learn is by interacting with other beings. True, this is much riskier than reading. Another being might provide a perspective that appears dangerous. We may disagree, even becoming upset or offended by what someone says. This discomfort and vulnerability is precisely what makes communicating with others so valuable, so crucial to our growth. We get to learn about ourselves, the inter workings of our own minds. We learn what we are made of because other beings mirror us. How do we choose to contribute when interacting with others? Do we listen?

Events took place during the Sunday Dance of Peace that illustrate this point. A friend attended the Campbell Farmer's Market to take photos of the dance, people and life. After a while he said, " I'm disappointed that people aren't paying as much attention to the dance as I had hoped." This point of view was one of interest, much different than my own. Each time the Dance of Peace is launched, it's circumstances vary. The is no accounting for how much attention is given by those passing by. Years ago, the Universe revealed that the focus of the Dance of Peace does not belong on the attention of others. The attention belongs on the intention of fostering peace, creating light & beauty and sharing it openly. The spirit of peace does it's work effectively every time. It has far reaching effects that might never be seen by the eye. Listening to someone else's perspective reaffirmed this truth. That is only ONE way in which interacting with others fosters our growth and development!

Moments later a lady stopped by. She greeted me and stated that she wanted to dance, too. This is always encouraged! We began right away. Three men (and one boy around age 11) were seated on the curb near us, eating sandwiches. The dance went beautifully between us. During a break, she tried to get the spectators involved. "Clap your hands!" she said to the nearby lunch group. They said, "Oh, we're just taking a few minutes to eat first." When her request was denied, she began to get upset. "Oh come on!" she said, "Show the woman some respect!" Again, they declined. Now she fumed." You can't even clap?! How disrespectful! You nasty men!" She stormed off. Though watching this unfold was slightly painful, there was a valuable lesson to be learned in communication on both sides: Never take it personally. The behavior of another person reflects their world, their reality always and only. It has nothing to do with us. A person can only project and reflect from their experience. What they choose to believe and how they choose to act isn't because of us. It comes from within.

Fortunately, the family on the curb knew this. They were unfazed, even amused by the lady's comments. They jokingly apologized saying, "Hey, we're really sorry for stinking up the place with our nasty man energy." We hugged it out and all was well. Though it was sad to see them get scolded while they were having lunch, the end result was a positive connection that involved more people. When we venture out and interact with others, it really can go either way. It's up to each of us to shine the light of peace and non-judgement, engaging with the spirit of growth for all involved. The results are always beneficial when we do this! Thanks and see you out there!

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